Catalog Optimization for the Streaming Age

Unleash your catalog's full potential and revenue


Maximize your catalog’s revenue

Most of the attention in music is on new releases, but the success of your catalog is paramount to succeeding as a business long term, and often has significant value waiting to be unlocked. Our process gets the most out of every opportunity and challenge.

Maximize your catalog’s revenue

Bespoke Pitching

We will pitch to Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, and other DSPs based on your catalog’s artists and potential opportunities.


Symphonic will optimize and bring your metadata to current standards allowing for your music to be eligible for playlisting and to trigger algorithms.

Third-Party Network

Official DSP playlists aren’t the only way to get your music heard. Third-party playlist curators have the power to enliven a catalog. Our dedicated team can present your music to these curators to give it the attention it deserves.

Influencer Marketing

Does your music lend itself to the perfect viral dance or challenge? Our influencer network can help get momentum behind the music.

Finding New Audiences

We take the time to see where your catalog has meaningful audiences that have not been explored, and make sure you get the exposure you need there.


We also offer a myriad of retail marketing and co-op advertising opportunities to distribute your vinyl, CDs, and cassettes into brick and mortar retailers and web stores.


Our team will create and optimize YouTube channels and YouTube content, including collecting YouTube publishing revenue. These efforts can lead to large amounts of back pay on catalog hits.


Offer your music to sample libraries for producers to use and share
your music with new audiences as you earn.


Our in-house sync brand, Bodega Sync, maximizes opportunities for your catalog for sync licensing opportunities and/or microsync as appropriate on a track by track basis.

Here are some of our success stories.

Sabotage is often considered the greatest Brazilian rapper of all time, and was crucial to the growth of hip hop in Brazil. Following his unfortunate passing, his estate's goals were to remaster his older songs and release collaborations with the new generation of rap artists in Brazil. This strategy exposed Sabotage to a newer, wider audience.
Peter Pan Records
Peter Pan Records
Peter Pan Records had a significant amount of music that was never released to the public. They did not have the technical capability to properly load and distribute and were missing out on a great deal of revenue. Symphonic transferred over 10,000 titles and was able to ensure the content gained the breadth and depth it needed.

Transfer your Catalog with Ease using TransferTrack

Symphonic has patented technology to help transfer your catalog in a few clicks, maintaining your metadata, cover art, streaming history, playlists, revenue, and more.  With this technology, you’ll save hours worth of work and have a chance to update your metadata which in turn, increases overall revenues and visibility.

Transfer your catalog with ease

Easy to Use

Simply provide us with your release URL and we will be able to obtain all the release details, including artwork!

Time Saving

No need to do any manual inputting of release information or metadata. All can be done with the click of a button for better accuracy.

Keep your Streams

Maintain your playlist placements and stream counts, preventing you from losing revenue.

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